Important Information

Message to Dual Enrollment High School students:

Once you have applied for admission at CCCApply, you will receive a “Welcome to Santa Rosa Junior College” email within 24 hours. If you do not see this email, check your email SPAM or JUNK folders. If you are still having issues, contact SRJC Admissions for assistance at 707-527-4685.

Dual Enrollment Students falls under Priority 6.

To check your application status you will need your Application ID #, which will start with a “2” and comes in the email from CCCApply that states "You have successfully completed your application."

The Application ID # is different from your Student ID # and your CCC Apply #

High School Dual Enrollment students need to apply each semester, and will get a unique Application ID # each semester. 

  • You may register for approved courses as recommended by your high school counselor and principal.
  • All coursework taken at SRJC becomes a permanent part of your college academic history. Grades received or excessive drops have implications for future status involving financial assistance, athletic eligibility, academic standing, etc.
  • File prerequisites and arrange for testing, if necessary.
  • You are responsible for reviewing and abiding by all academic and student policies in the Schedule of Classes and the College Catalog.
  • You are required to meet all academic deadlines.
  • High School Dual (Special Admit) students are exempt from enrollment fees if enrolled up to a maximum of 11 units. However dual enrolled students must pay the student representation fee, the student health fee, and any course fees. Please see the Schedule of Classes for more information.
  • High School students choosing to enroll in over 11 units are responsible for all fees for the total number of units enrolled in the semester or term.
  • SRJC is an adult academic learning environment and you are expected to behave accordingly.
  • By signing the front of this form, you agree that you are eligible to enroll as a High School Dual Enrollment (Special Admit) student and will abide by all SRJC policies and procedures. Additionally, you agree that you have reviewed these expectations with your parent or guardian.
  • Home schooled students must provide a copy of an Affidavit for Home Schooling, filed with the Department of Education, at the time of submitting this form.


  • Special Admit students are treated like every other college student. All college coursework is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which allows release of academic information, including grades, to the student only – regardless of age. Academic information is not released to parents or third parties without written consent of the student. Upon consent by the student, information is only released to the authorized party in person or in writing. Learn more.
  • SRJC Admissions and Records Office does not keep daily attendance records for students. Parents should not contact college offices or instructors with the expectation of accessing their student’s attendance or other information.
  • Review your student’s High School Dual Enrollment Form with him or her. Please be aware that all coursework at SRJC becomes a permanent record on the student’s academic college history; grades received or excessive drops have implications for future student status at the college, including financial assistance, athletic eligibility, etc.
  • By entering a college environment, your student will be exposed to a diverse population in education programs designed for adult learners that may involve sensitive topics that might be considered controversial or offensive in the secondary setting. SRJC will not change course content or curriculum to accommodate High School Dual Enrollment (Special Admit) students.

All applicants are required to fulfill course prerequisites. A prerequisite is a condition of enrollment that a student is required to meet in order to demonstrate current readiness for enrollment in a course. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all course prerequisites are met and the Prerequisite Equivalency Form and high school transcripts are filed (if needed) prior to enrollment. The SRJC Prerequisite Equivalency Form is provided on our website at:


The following conditions might affect or delay college admission:

  • failure or insufficient time for application processing
  • placement testing
  • prerequisite verification
  • limited college course offerings.



Dual-enrolled students are expected to complete all course requirements, maintain a 2.0 grade point average or better in all college courses, and adhere to SRJC’s Code of Conduct (refer to the College Catalog and/or Student Handbook).



Official withdrawal is the responsibility of the student. A student who does not officially withdraw may receive a penalty grade. Details on these policies are in the class schedule.



High school dual-enrolled students may enroll up to 11 units in all semesters and terms.

There is limited enrollment in Kinesiology (formally Physical Education) activity classes for high school dual enrollment students. Only 10% of the total class seats available may be high school dual enrollment students. (Example: Total class seats = 40; high school dual enrollment total allowed= 4 students). This 10% limit applies to all semesters at SRJC, including the summer term. NOTE: This 10% limit does not apply to DANCE courses.

Dual-enrolled high school students may not enroll in any English 300-level courses.  However, high school students may enroll in English 100 through English 1A, provided placement scores allow enrollment and pre-requisites have been met.

Summer term only: Pursuant to Education Code 48800(d) (1), for any particular grade level, a principal of a high school may not recommend for community college summer term more than 5% of the total number of students who completed that grade level (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th) & immediately prior to the time of the recommendation.

An Application for Admission for the semester in which the student is applying must be submitted before the Santa Rosa Junior College High School Dual Enrollment Program Request form can be processed.



SRJC faculty and staff will not advise students on the requirements to enter a four-year university as a freshman, including coursework to meet the A-G credits. These questions should be directed to high school counselors or university admission officers.